The “Pros” of ACME Threaded Rods

Why might you use an ACME threaded rod? Well, if you need to join two pieces of metal together, this sort of rod works well. ACME threaded rods are often used in industrial equipment, including heavy duty machines.

Right Height

ACME threaded rods’ height is equal to half the pitch. Why is this beneficial? It provides added strength while preventing stripping and wear of the thread. Furthermore, the shape makes it easier to machine. So, if you need a rod to carry quite heavy loads, the ACME threaded rod is the logical choice.

More Clamping Speed

What are some specific “pros” of ACME threaded rods? They offer increased clamping speed and thread shear capacity, manufacturability, and a lower number of threads per axial distance. It’s no wonder they’re used in clamps and linear actuators because of their low number of threads per inch which allows for increased linear actuation per turn of screw.


Did you know that ACME screws often get modified by users? Since they’re cut with a single-point tool, there isn’t a standard controlling the design of ACME threads. So, manufacturers might choose to shorten an ACME thread to a stub. Why do they do this? It increases the minor diameter of the screw to help make it stronger.

ACME Threaded Rod Distributor

With over 60 years of threading experience, Dependable ACME is a company that sells ACME threaded rods along with ACME threaded screws in different diameters. Located in Westbury, New York, on Long Island close to New York City, Dependable ACME pays special attention to offering customers the best service, including same day UPS shipment. Custom orders are available.

For more information about ACME threaded rods (and reasons to use them), please call Dependable ACME (open weekdays) at 800-893-3792 or email  You can also fax this number: 516-997-5464.