What You Should Know About Thread Pitch

What You Should Know About Thread Pitch

Thread PitchWhen you’re trying to decide which screws to use for a project, there are a number of measurements you will need to keep in mind. The length of your screws and the diameter of them are usually the first two measurements people consider. But those shouldn’t be the only measurements you think about before settling on the right screws. You should also check out the thread pitch of your screws to ensure they’re the right tools for the job.

The thread on your screws is what allows for them to attach directly to fasteners like nuts. The thread pitch on your screws is the distance that exists between each of the threads. Some screws have narrow thread pitches, while others have wider ones. They are typically labeled as being standard, fine, or extra fine. It’s important for you to find the right thread pitch measurement before choosing screws for your project.

The thread pitch is so important because, if you don’t pick the right one, your nuts won’t work with your screws. The threads on the screws won’t match up with the nuts, which won’t allow your nuts to attach to your screws tightly. You might be able to attach the nuts to the screws, but they won’t form a secure bond and stay strong for the long haul. You could be putting your safety and safety of others at risk by not considering thread pitch.

The good news is that most screws have a standard thread pitch. You’ll more often than not be okay going with standard. But you should still be aware of the different thread pitches and see if you might need to go with a fine or extra fine thread pitch in some scenarios.

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