Why ACME Threads Are Vital to Many Industrial Businesses

In the old days, there were square threads. Then Acme threads were invented (in the 1890s) and they were a game changer. Basically, Acme threads are trapezoidal thread forms used for things such as lead screws, aka power screws. Easy to manufacture, Acme threaded products offer high strength and can be used where large loads are required. It’s no wonder that industrial businesses often rely on Acme threads to “get the job done.” With their unique 29-degree thread angle, these popular threaded products are known for both their strength and durability. Without realizing it, you’re probably in a room right now where Acme screws are present in some form! 

ACME Threads Carry High Loads and Power Transmission

Industrial businesses often have jobs that require heavy torque and/or power transmission. Acme threads work well for carrying loads and power transmission. Being thick and wide, they’re able to handle different environments, including ones that get dirty. Lathes and milling machines often utilize Acme threaded products. Because they work so well at generating power for motion, the Acme products, whether rods or screws, are ubiquitous these days in many industries. 

Acme threads are able to provide motion control for cutting, shaping and drilling, so machine tools benefit from them. As lead screws, Acme threads are often found in linear actuators, CNC machines and even 3D printers. In construction businesses, they’re used for presses and conveyors. In the automotive industry, you’ll find them in vehicle jacks, as well as transmission linkages and steering systems. For processes which require smooth vertical movement, such as elevators, scissor lifts and/or adjustable tables, Acme threads work well. They’re also found in hydraulic cylinders, valves and pumps. They’re ideal for so many industrial applications.

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