Do You Need ACME Threaded Rods or Bolts For Your Industrial Machine?

What is a bolt? The technical definition is that it’s an externally helical threaded fastener that fastens objects with unthreaded holes together by applying a twisting force (known as torque) to a matching nut. The bolt has an external male thread requiring a matching nut with a preformed female thread.

ACME Threaded Rods Versus Bolts

Are ACME threaded rods the same thing as bolts? While similar, they’re different. While they both consist of a narrow fastener with threading, bolts have threading on one end while ACME threaded rods have threading on both ends, making them particularly useful for applications where tension is needed and applied. Meanwhile, bolts typically feature a head at the end that’s without threading. As for length, ACME threaded rods are usually longer than bolts. A typical bolt is a couple inches long. ACME Threaded rods could be over a foot long! 

If you’re shopping for ACME threaded rods, you might notice they’re organized based on how strong they are. ACME threaded rods, which are sold by Dependable ACME, are used for many purposes, especially in the manufacturing of things like combustion gas engines. As you’d imagine, an engine is going to vibrate. ACME threaded rods can be used to secure cylinder heads to engine blocks to withstand tension and vibrations. Also, ACME threaded rods are used to help construct things such as buildings and bridges. With threading at both ends, they’re strong and durable. 

Dependable ACME, which has been in business for more than six decades, sells ACME threaded rods from ⅜” to 2.5” diameter. Located in Westbury, New York, you can call Dependable ACME at 800-893-3792 to discuss your ACME threaded rod needs. You can also send an email to for more information. 

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