Why Many Industrial Businesses Prefer Threaded Rods

Dependable ACME sells threaded rods which are studs with threads running through their entire length. Because of their strength, they’re used in many applications, including structural support.

Common Uses for Threaded Rods

Threaded rods make things like buildings and bridges possible! They literally help hold parts of these massive structures together so they don’t fall down and crumble. Threaded rods are also used in assembling other things, such as machinery and furniture. Meanwhile, they can be used to help join and fasten items together, so, as you’d imagine, they’re immensely popular. 

Whether made of steel, brass, aluminum or other materials, threaded rods are utilized because they are strong and resist corrosion. Available in many different sizes and even thread types, these rods provide a reliable and secure connection between items used in many industries. 

Want an example of a real-life use for threaded rods? If you take a look at a combustion gas engine, you’ll probably see that its cylinder head is connected to the engine block thanks to a threaded rod or two. The threading actually helps withstand both tension and vibration(s).

What are some industries that utilize threaded rods to hold things together? Facilities that deal with producing and processing items definitely use threaded rods. Electricians, plumbers, construction workers, contractors and engineers commonly use threaded rods. You can also find threaded rods in agriculture, automobiles and medical equipment. Are they versatile? Definitely. When two items need to be joined together and held together well, threaded rods are often the first choice!

How ACME Threaded Rods Differ From Threaded Rods

ACME threaded rods distinguish themselves from standard threaded rods primarily through their thread design and applications. ACME threads are characterized by their unique shape, which provides extra strength and allows for greater load-bearing capabilities and ease of operation under high stress or vibration. This robust design ensures that ACME threaded rods are exceptionally suitable for tasks where precision and strength are paramount, such as in heavy machinery, lathes, and CNC equipment where precision linear motion is required. The broader base and wider thread profile offer enhanced durability and longevity, reducing wear over time compared to the finer threads of standard rods.

Are you working in an industry where you need ACME threaded rods for your various applications? Let Dependable ACME be your supplier. Call 800-893-3792 for more information. Dependable ACME is located in Westbury, New York and has over 60 years of experience in the business. Custom orders can be done, with same day UPS shipping available.