Why It’s Essential to Use the Right Thread Gage

Thread Gage

When you’re ordering ACME screws, you need to know more than just what diameter they should be. You also need to know what the thread pitch of the screws should be. If you don’t obtain screws with the correct pitch, they won’t do you much good. As such, use the right thread gage to determine… Read more »

Miscellaneous Information Regarding Threaded Rods

Threaded Rod

Most people are familiar with screws, bolts, and other fasteners. Nevertheless, threaded rods often take a backseat to their more well-known counterparts. Threaded rods help businesses in a wide range of industries. Learn more about them below. What are threaded rods? Threaded rods are metal fasteners that are often made from stainless steel. At first… Read more »

Here’s Why ACME Thread Forms Are Used for Lead Screws

ACME Thread Forms

The very first ACME thread forms were invented more than 100 years ago. They were designed to replace square threads. In the end, they didn’t completely replace those threads, but they did find a home in the construction industry and many other industries after they were used to create threaded rods, studs, and other fasteners…. Read more »

Here’s Why Some ACME Screw Lubricants Fail

ACME Screw

When you use them properly, lubricants can help you get the most out of ACME screws. Regardless of whether you use liquid lubricants or non-liquid lubricants, you can use them to reduce friction between screws and nuts, allow screws to transmit more power, and even protect your screws for years to come. But there are… Read more »

Liquid vs Non-Liquid Lubricants for ACME Screws

Lead ACME Screw

What are the benefits of using lubricants on ACME screws? For starters, lubricants will make it easier to separate screws and nuts later. They’ll also make screws more powerful and protect screws from things like wear and tear and corrosion. If you’re going to use lubricants on ACME screws, there are two main types that… Read more »

What Are the Advantages of ACME Screws?

ACME Threaded Rod

If you’re searching for screws for industrial purposes, you’ll have several options. That said, there are many advantages to using using ACME screws. Learn more about some of the biggest benefits of using ACME screws below. They’re affordable. Cost is usually a big concern for those investing in screws and other connectors, so that’s as… Read more »

The Advantages of Stainless Steel Fasteners

Stainless Steel Fasteners

Are you preparing to invest in screws, nuts, and other fasteners for your operation? You should strongly consider using stainless steel fasteners as opposed to fasteners made out of any other material. Check out some of the biggest benefits of using stainless steel fasteners below. They won’t corrode or rust. Unlike some other materials that… Read more »

The Basics of Threaded Rods

Threaded rods have found a home in a variety of different industries. General contractors, electricians, and more turn to threaded rods time and time again to bring two things together and form a strong connection between them. But despite the usefulness of threaded rods, they’re not as well known as screws, nuts, and other threaded… Read more »

The Purposes of Threaded Rods

A group of threaded rods

Most people are pretty familiar with ACME screws and nuts and the purpose that they serve. But they’re not always as familiar with ACME threaded rods. Threaded rods, which are also referred to as studs, are long rods that have threading located on both of their ends. They’ve become useful to those in a variety… Read more »

Information on Screw Threading

ACME Screws

Most people are at least vaguely familiar with screw threads and what they do. Screw threads are the helical structures that wrap around the outside of a screw and help those using screws to switch back and forth between using rotational and linear movement or force. What some people don’t realize, though, is that there… Read more »