Here’s Why Some ACME Screw Lubricants Fail

ACME Screw

When you use them properly, lubricants can help you get the most out of ACME screws. Regardless of whether you use liquid lubricants or non-liquid lubricants, you can use them to reduce friction between screws and nuts, allow screws to transmit more power, and even protect your screws for years to come. But there are some things that can cause lubricants to fail over time. You should familiarize yourself with them and try to avoid them at all costs. Here are a few things that will cause lubricants to fail.

Extreme temperatures

The lubricant that you put onto ACME screws will be able to put up with some heat. But if you apply too much of the lubricant, it could lead to it getting way hotter than it should. It could also lead to a lack of circulation in the area surrounding your ACME screws. This can send the temperature skyrocketing and cause your lubricant to fail in the end.

Excessive moisture

If too much moisture is able to work its way into the areas where you have lubricant, it can cause issues. This moisture can come from humidity or weather conditions. But it can also come from defective seals, improper venting, and other factors. Too much moisture can lead to lubricants breaking down on you and failing to do their job.

Intrusive contamination

It’s not all that uncommon for foreign debris to work its way into the lubricants used on ACME screws. Since ACME screws are sometimes used in places where there is a lot of dirt and dust, these things can take a toll on lubricants. There are also a number of other environmental issues that can lead to lubricants becoming contaminated. This is yet another thing that can cause lubricant failure to occur.

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