Liquid vs Non-Liquid Lubricants for ACME Screws

What are the benefits of using lubricants on ACME screws? For starters, lubricants will make it easier to separate screws and nuts later. They’ll also make screws more powerful and protect screws from things like wear and tear and corrosion. If you’re going to use lubricants on ACME screws, there are two main types that you can use—liquid and non-liquid lubricants. Learn more about each of them below.

Liquid lubricants

There are many liquid lubricants that can be used to lubricate ACME screws. These lubricants are often mineral oils with a petroleum base. About 90 percent of the lubricants consist of a base oil with the other 10 percent consisting of additives that make the lubricants more effective. This is probably the most common type of lubricant for ACME screws.

Non-liquid lubricants

In some instances, it’s not going to make sense for those using ACME screws to use liquid lubricants along with them. There are times when heat, for example, will make oil-based lubricants ineffective. When this is the case, non-liquid lubricants like grease and certain powders are used. They’re able to lubricate ACME screws without running into the problems that liquid lubricants would.

If you need to use a lubricant on your ACME screws, you should take the time to choose which lubricant would work best. This will help you maximize the performance that you get out of your screws. Dependable ACME Threaded Products can provide you with the ACME screws you need. Call us at 800-893-3792 today to place an order.

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