What Are the Advantages of ACME Screws?

If you’re searching for screws for industrial purposes, you’ll have several options. That said, there are many advantages to using using ACME screws. Learn more about some of the biggest benefits of using ACME screws below.

They’re affordable.

Cost is usually a big concern for those investing in screws and other connectors, so that’s as good a place to start as any while discussing the advantages of ACME screws. In general, ACME screws are some of the easiest screws to manufacture. This keeps costs low during the manufacturing process, and these savings are passed along to those who purchase ACME screws. You won’t have to worry about paying an arm and a leg for them when you buy them for your project.

They make very little noise.

Noise might not seem like it would be something that people would be too concerned about when it comes to connectors. But there are some connectors that make more noise than others. ACME screws fall on the quieter end of the spectrum and make little to no noise when they’re being used. This will make them easier to use, especially when you’re tackling a bigger project that’ll require a lot of ACME screws.

They’re often self-lubricating.

There are some connectors that force those using them to utilize lubrication. Lubrication makes it easier for people to work with these types of connectors. But this won’t often be the case with ACME screws. While some lubrication might be necessary in certain instances, ACME screws are often able to self-lubricate. This makes them easier to use than other types of connectors.

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