Remember This Things When Picking the An ACME Screw Thread

Dependable Acme sells quality Acme threaded products. When you’re looking for Acme screw threads from three-eighths of an inch to two-and-one-half inch diameter, we’ve got what you need. 

Now how do you pick the right Acme screw? These screws are used in a variety of machinery, including lathes, syringe pumps, linear actuators, and 3D printers. When it comes to choosing the right screw for the job, it comes down to considering the load characteristics that coincide with a specific linear motion situation.

So, what are the things to think about when choosing an Acme screw?


Consider the thrust required of the screw. Compression and tension loads may require a larger screw diameter. Is the thrust continuous or peak in nature? When you need extra strength, go with an Acme nut made of bronze.

Linear Motion

What about the speed of the linear motion? You don’t want “screw whip” to occur, where the rotational velocity limit of a screw is exceeded. 


Also think about the movement of a load to a specific position or location. How precise do you need the screw to be? Does total and complete accuracy matter? On a related note, how accurate do you need repeatability to be? Will the application require the screw to consistently and repeatedly move a load to the same place? 


If you really want to get deep into choosing a screw, you also have to evaluate resolution, which is affected by screw leads, preloaded Acme lead screws, breakaway torque and torsional twist.

Basically, when choosing the right Acme screw, you want to pick the one that doesn’t fail due to over compression, stripped screw threads or stripped nut threads. Ideally, call and ask us for help to choose the right Acme screw for the job you need it to do! Call Dependable Acme at 800-893-3792 or you can email with inquiries. 

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