What Are the Benefits of Hex Nuts?

What is a nut? When it comes to the hardware industry, nuts are fasteners with a threaded hole, typically used in conjunction with a mating bolt in order to fasten parts together. These two partners– the nut and the bolt– stay together thanks to a combination of friction, stretching and compression.

Facts About Hex Nuts

The most common shape today, when it comes to hardware nuts, is six-sided hexagonal. You’ll find hex nuts in furniture, building frames, kids’ toys, automobiles and household appliances.

Why are hex nuts popular? Well hex nuts give a good granularity of angles for a tool to approach from… and this especially helps out when a person is dealing with tight spots.

Hex nuts are easy to turn because they have six parallels. Because hex nuts have six sides, a person can turn a fastener one-sixth of the way to reach the next parallel. If a person was using a square nut, they’d have to turn it one-quarter of the way each time to reach the next parallel. It’s faster and easier to do a one-sixth turning than a one-quarter turning.

If a nut had more than six sides it could break or fracture. Six sides is ideal– any more than that and you’d have issues! No wonder, then, that the hex nut is universally accepted. They’ve become the universally accepted standard, used by consumers and businesses all over the world.

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