Why ACME Threads Are Used in Various Machines

Why are ACME threads used in things like clamps, vises and linear actuators? ACME threads offer a low number of threads per inch which allows for increased linear actuation per turn of screw. ACME Threads Vs Square Threads  Why not use square threads, which are similar? Well, consider this: the angled root of the ACME… Read more »

A Quick Guide to Threaded Rods

First things first– what is a threaded rod? Similar to a screw, a rod, aka a stud, is a rod of varying length that’s threaded in a helical structure. The threading extends around and along the rod. It’s there to cause rotational movements when in use. Combining linear and rotational movement, threaded rods create strong… Read more »

Why ACME Screws Work Well for Fasteners

Acme lead screws for fasteners work well because they’re especially designed to translate rotary motion into linear motion. As the shaft rotates as the motor turns, the threads push the shaft nut forward or backward depending on the direction of the rotating motion. This transfers the circular motion of the motor into linear motion on… Read more »

Benefits of Custom Threaded Screws

When it comes to running a business, we understand how important it is to have properly functioning equipment. Custom threaded screws can help ensure your equipment is not only securely fastened, but will prevent rusting, wear and tear and more from becoming long-term issues. No matter what diameter or thread pitch of screw is required… Read more »

Why Hexagon Shaped Nuts Are Popular for Industrial Purposes

Have you ever taken a look at a beehive or honeycomb? If you have, you’d notice that bees use hexagonal patterns for their honeycombs. Hexagonal patterns are prevalent in nature because they’re efficient. By using hexagonal patterns, honeycombs require less wax to construct. They also gain strength under compression, so it’s a win-win situation for… Read more »

Reasons to Consider Stainless Steel for Your Threaded Rod Needs

What are some reasons to consider stainless steel for your threaded rod needs?  Stainless Steel Threaded Rods Are Durable When you buy stainless steel threaded rods you can expect them to be durable. When attached to machines, they won’t break down or rust. It’s no wonder, then, why so many industries utilize stainless steel threaded… Read more »

Interesting Threaded Rod Facts

True or false? A threaded rod is often referred to as a stud. What’s your guess? If you said, “True,” you’re right!  Threaded Rods Are Used For Many Applications Threaded rods (aka studs) are rods of varying length threaded in a helical structure. Because they combine linear and rotational movement, threaded roads create strong resistance… Read more »

Why Threaded Rods Are More Reliable Than Threaded Bolts

Dependable Acme sells Acme threaded products such as threaded rods. Ever wonder what the difference is between threaded rods and threaded bolts? While both are similarly designed with a narrow fastener with threading, bolts only have threading at one end while rods have threading at both ends. Oh, and one more major difference: the end… Read more »

Tips for Choosing the Right ACME Threaded Rod and Nut Supplier

When you need to choose the right ACME threaded rods and nuts, who should your supplier be? Well, we hope it’ll be Dependable ACME Threaded Products. We’ve been in the business for over 60 years, and we’re eager to meet your needs with quality products. So what are some things to think about when choosing… Read more »

What Are the Benefits of Hex Nuts?

What is a nut? When it comes to the hardware industry, nuts are fasteners with a threaded hole, typically used in conjunction with a mating bolt in order to fasten parts together. These two partners– the nut and the bolt– stay together thanks to a combination of friction, stretching and compression. Facts About Hex Nuts… Read more »