How Do Threaded Rods Work?

Threaded rods, sometimes called studs, are metal fasteners with the presence of threading on both ends. Usually made of stainless steel, threaded rods may have threading partially extended or extended all the way, and because threading is on both ends, these rods are well-suited to applications where tension is applied.

Threads Vs Bolts

Aren’t threaded rods the same as bolts? While similar, threaded rods have threading on both ends while bolts only have threading on one end. And bolts have a head on the end without threading. Meanwhile, most threaded rods are longer than most bolts. Whereas bolts are typically a few inches long, it’s not unusual to find threaded rods that measure over a foot long.

Are you looking for a certain strength rod? There’s a color code system in place, whereas threaded rods with a white code are the strongest, followed by red, green, yellow and unmarked.

Threaded rods are often used in manufacturing processes, such as securing a cylinder’s head to an engine block at an auto factory. Some of today’s furniture uses threaded rods in order to be put together and then quite stable for people to use without fear of the item breaking or falling apart. Construction companies use threaded rods, too, especially when constructing bridges and buildings. Threaded rods can be used to stabilize structures as they can be inserted into various materials including concrete, metal and wood where they create a steady base. They essentially act as strong pins that fasten or connect two materials together!

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