How Fasteners Are Determined

How are fasteners determined? Well, they have several attributes to take into account: type, material, diameter, length and thread pitch or count (for machine thread fasteners only).

Fastener Types

Fastener type depends on the category of fastener, drive type and head style. Fasteners are typically divided into categories based on their function or design, such as “wood screw,” “hex bolt,” or “lag bolt.” Drive type refers to Phillips, Allen, Slotted, etc. For instance, a socket bolt/screw would typically use an Allen Drive. Head style refers to the head on the fastener– examples would be flat head, pan head and truss head.

Fasteners are made of certain materials. So, for instance, they might be stainless steel, zinc plated steel or silicon breeze.

Then there’s diameter, which is measured either as a size number or a direct measurement.

Length is measured based on the type of head. Typically, fastener length is measured from the surface of material to the end of the fastener.

Thread Pitch

As for thread pitch or count, this is for machine thread fasteners, which are ones that take a nut or thread into a tapped hole. Basically, the thread pitch or count describes how fine the threads are.

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