Why ACME Threads Are Used in Various Machines

Why are ACME threads used in things like clamps, vises and linear actuators? ACME threads offer a low number of threads per inch which allows for increased linear actuation per turn of screw.

ACME Threads Vs Square Threads

 Why not use square threads, which are similar? Well, consider this: the angled root of the ACME thread makes it easier to manufacture than the square thread. Meanwhile, the ACME thread’s root offers more strength which helps prevent wear and tear. When strength matters, ACME threads live up to their long-held reputation of being ultra durable and long lasting.

ACME Threads and CNC Machines

Why are ACME threads typically associated with lead screws or CNC drive systems? It’s because they’re ideal for both power transmission and carrying loads. Compared to standard V-shaped threads, ACME threads are stronger, broader and squarer. It also helps that they’re widely available and can be custom cut to suit your needs.

ACME Vs Standard Threaded Rods

Could you use a standard threaded rod? Sure. But ACME threads are thicker and wider. They can do well in environments full of dirt and debris. And they offer better wear properties, load capabilities and tolerances. ACME threaded products are popular because they work so well for many projects.

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