Are ACME Threads Known For Their Strength?

Back in the late 1800s, ACME threads were developed with the intention to replace square threads. They didn’t replace them, but they certainly “took off” and became ubiquitous. Today, ACME threads are more popular than ever, and used for a variety of purposes and applications. They’re not only superior at generating power for motion, but they’re also stronger than other threads.

Strong ACME Threads

Dependable ACME Threaded Products of Westbury, NY, has over 60 years of experience with threading, and offers ACME threaded rods and screws and nuts. Strength is just one of the many attributes of ACME threads. They have many benefits to users.

ACME threads are broader and stronger than standard V-shaped threads. They have great wear properties, load capabilities and tolerances. ACME threads are thicker and wider than other threads, so they can handle dirty environments quite well. It’s no wonder, then, that they’re typically used for power transmission and carrying loads.

What are some of the pros of ACME threads? They offer increased clamping speed and thread shear capacity, along with a lower number of threads per axial distance. ACME threads are used in clamps, vises and linear actuators. With their low number of threads per inch, they have an increased linear actuation per turn of screw. The angled root of the ACME thread is large enough to help give it added strength while also preventing stripping or wear.

Typically cut with a single-point tool, ACME screws can be made with increased strength when manufacturers shorten the thread to a stub. This increases the minor diameter of the screw (for increased strength).

Dependable ACME Threaded Products a guide regarding thread gauges, here.  

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