Why ACME Screws Work Well for Fasteners

Acme lead screws for fasteners work well because they’re especially designed to translate rotary motion into linear motion. As the shaft rotates as the motor turns, the threads push the shaft nut forward or backward depending on the direction of the rotating motion. This transfers the circular motion of the motor into linear motion on the shaft.

Unlike other types of screws, Acme lead screw will hold a load, making it a great option for vertical applications.

The Acme thread is ideal for power transmission and carrying loads. It’s broader, stronger and squarer than standard V-shaped threads.

Lead screws are used in a variety of applications and can also be used in heavy lifting applications when combined with a metallic nut.

Depending on the material, Acme lead screws may not require any lubrication to function. They are less sensitive to particulate contamination and can be made of corrosion-resistant materials, so you can expect them to be low maintenance.

Compared to typical ball screws, it’s estimated that Acme lead screws cost anywhere from 25 to 80 percent less, so they’re a cost effective solution to both you and your customers.

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