Why Industrial Businesses Trust in ACME Threads

If you’re looking for a strong and durable thread, choose ACME. Developed quite a long time ago– way back in the 1890s– ACME threads were first introduced as an alternative to square threads which were common at the time. Well, the ACME design caught on quickly and has since become popular because it was stronger than the square design.

Why ACME Threads Are Business’ Go-To

ACME threads could be general purpose, stub or centralizing. Each type has benefits. For example, the general purpose type works well because they’re interchangeable with three classes of fit. They also condense the amount of inventory of tools and gauges. Stub ACME threads are shortened so they can be used in smaller spaces. Centralizing ACME threads are designed in a way that they won’t wedge on the flanks, which helps make the screw(s) quite strong. No wonder, then, that ACME screws are used in so many applications.

Do you have a job to do that needs heavy torque and/or power transmission? ACME threads are the logical choice. From lathes to milling machines and more, ACME threads are useful for carrying loads and power transmission. Because they’re thick and wide, they can handle dirty, debris-filled environments.

Don’t settle for a standard threaded rod! Get ACME screws for their load capabilities, tolerances and strong wear properties. Feed screws, jack screws, carriage-run screws and other applications often utilize ACME threads because they work so well at generating power for motion.

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