Threaded Rods Help the Operations Of Many Industrial Businesses

Do you work in the construction industry or the mechanical industry? If so, you’re probably familiar with threaded rods. These are used to join two objects together such as metal or wood. As the name implies, the rod is threaded throughout its whole length. This helps make it strong and durable.

Threaded Rod Basics

Generally, threaded rods are made from zinc-coated, carbon or stainless steel. They look like screws. As a type of fastener, they’re used in professional construction work and other endeavors such as marine applications, automotive assembly (and repair), medical machinery, electrical installation, etc.

There are different types of threaded rods available. Fully threaded rods have thread covering the entire length of the rod, while double-sided threaded rods have threads on each end. Then there are internally threaded rods, tap-end studs (with one side longer as compared to the other and needs a nut), and hollow-inside threaded rods which enable wires or cables to pass through.

Now you might have heard of studs. These are threaded rods which are less than 12 inches long. If the item is 12 inches or longer, then it’s a threaded rod. So, it’s a name thing based on the length of the thread.

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