So Why Use Acme Threads…What is it All About?

Acme threads were formulated prior to 1895 to replace square threads and a variety of threads of other forms used chiefly for the purpose of producing traversing motions on machines, tools, and for heavy load work.

The acme thread form is most often used for lead screws, jack screws, CNC systems and many other applications. Also used in industrial applications requiring heavy torque and power transmission such as lathes, milling machines and presses. Acme threads, with a 29 degree angle, are broader, stronger, and squarer than standard V-shaped threads. This makes them the best choice for power transmission and carrying loads

The acme lead screw is probably the most widely used in the United States because of the availability.

European machines are most often Trapezoidal Thread (Metric Acme), which is not readily available in the US, but can be converted.

Overall acme screws have much better wear properties, load capabilities, and tolerances, than standard threaded rod. Since the threads are thicker and wider, they operate better in environments with dirt and debris as well.

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