The Purposes of Threaded Rods

Most people are pretty familiar with ACME screws and nuts and the purpose that they serve. But they’re not always as familiar with ACME threaded rods. Threaded rods, which are also referred to as studs, are long rods that have threading located on both of their ends. They’ve become useful to those in a variety of industries, including the automobile, plumbing, and construction industries. Check out some information you should know about threaded rods below.

They’re often used to connect different materials together.

Threaded rods really come in handy when you’re trying to connect two different materials together. People turn to them a lot when they need to connect things like wood and metal. They serve as a pin of sorts when you use them like this. They bond the materials and give them a strength that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

They’re able to withstand extreme pressure and tension without a problem.

While many threaded rods are used to join different materials together, there are also many that are used to make things more resilient with it comes to pressure and tension. They can, for example, be used in everything from concrete walls to wooden furniture to stabilize them and keep them strong. Without threaded rods, these kinds of things can fall apart at the seams, but with them, they can stand strong under the harshest of conditions.

They’re available with both right and left-handed threads.

The majority of the threaded rods available today have right-handed threads on them. But if you need to find threaded rods with left-handed threads, you can track them down as well. They can and should be used whenever you’re placing threaded rods in a position in which they could face a lot of vibrations. Vibrations could potentially cause a right-handed thread to come loose.

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