Why Are Hex Nuts and Bolts Hexagon Shaped?

Hexagon nuts and bolts are some of the most commonly used fasteners in the construction industry. There are also many products that rely on hexagon nuts and bolts to hold their various parts together. Have you ever wondered why that is?

All in the Versatility

The explanation for it is actually pretty simple and straightforward. Hexagon nuts and bolts have been around for hundreds of years now and continue to remain popular because the shape of their head is extremely versatile. It allows for hexagon nuts and bolts to be tightened and loosened easily using a variety of different tools. You can also get access to hexagon nuts and bolts from many different angles. Whether the nuts and bolts are located on the top of a product or underneath of a vehicle, you won’t have any trouble working with them because of their shape.

One of the other reasons fastener manufacturers produce so many hexagon nuts and bolts as opposed to bolts with pentagon or octagon shapes is that those shapes would be susceptible to being rounded off over time as they were tightened and loosened. If that were to happen, it would make it almost impossible to get them off. But this is much less likely to happen to hexagon nuts and bolts. The hexagon won’t lose its shape easily and will stand up to being tightened and loosened repeatedly. It’s why hexagon nuts and bolts last for so much longer than other fasteners.

Whether you are building a house or putting a small machine together, you should consider doing it with hexagon nuts and bolts. It will make tightening and loosening nuts and bolts more manageable later and make your product last longer as a whole. Dependable ACME Threaded Products can provide you with all the fasteners you need. Call us at 800-893-3792 today to place an order.

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