Why Threaded Rods Are Used More Than Bolts and Large Screws

The CNC lathe machine thread cutting the metal shaft part. The hi-accuracy part manufacturing process by turning machine.

Threaded rod is usually made from carbon or stainless steel whereas the metal rod is threaded throughout the entire length of the rod. This sort of threading allows for fixings to be fastened onto the rod, therefore working well for different construction applications. Threaded rod typically connects two objects together, whether they’re wood, metal, concrete or some other material.

Threaded Rods Help with High Tensions and Vibrational, Loads

Why would someone use a threaded rod instead of, say, a bolt/anchor bolt or large screw? Well, if the required length or diameter needed exceeds what conventional bolts or screws offer, then it’s time for threaded rod(s). A gredat example for when they’re needed would be in the construction of bridges. Also, if an application is known to have high tension and vibrational loads, threaded rod(s) make sense– for example, within a shaky combustion engine block.

Using linear and rotational movement in order to create a strong resistance to pressure, threaded rods can have a right-hand thread, a left-hand thread or both. No matter what, they’re designed to withstand high levels of pressure and tension. It’s no wonder, then, that they’re used to help stabilize and/or align structures.

Threaded rods are used in all sorts of ways in not only construction/contractor work, but also in oil extraction, agriculture, manufacturing, marine structures, plumbing and more.

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