The Advantages of ACME Threaded Nuts

Acme threaded screws and nuts have been around for many decades since the design was created to replace square threads. In the years since Acme threads were first developed, it has been a widely used standard for industrial applications. Acme threaded screws and nuts are a proven technology that has stood the test of time. These are a few of the advantages of Acme threaded nuts.

  • Standardized

Acme threaded nuts have been standardized for many years which makes them an ideal choice for industry. This standardization assures businesses of both compatibility and availability when using Acme threaded nuts. You don’t need to worry about hardware becoming obsolete when you are using Acme-threaded screws and nuts.

  • Durability

Acme threaded nuts have a reputation for durability. These nuts and screws are available in a variety of materials, including corrosion-resistant stainless steel. At Dependable ACME, we also offer nuts and screws made from other materials like brass, bronze, steel, aluminum, and 4140 annealed.

Acme threaded nuts are also known for their strength. The thread design allows Acme nuts to perform well even under considerable load.

  • Sizes

Acme threaded nuts and screws are also available in a variety of sizes and threads. This variety means that you will be able to choose the right screws and nuts for any application from small to large. At Dependable ACME, we offer screws and nuts all the way from 3/8 inch diameter to 2 1/1 inch diameter.

Dependable ACME has been in the threading business for more than 55 years. Our extensive industry experience has allowed us to perfect the manufacture of Acme threaded screws and nuts. Choose Dependable ACME for your Acme threaded nut needs, and enjoy the benefits of our experience and outstanding customer service. Contact us today at 800-893-3792 to learn more or to place your order.

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